A ponyisland adoptable
Breeding Info
Red scale - basic breeding item
Pink scale - breeding item - guarantees a girl
Blue scale - breeding item - guarantees a boy
Leviathan scale - breeding item - guarantees a custom posed offspring
Pearly scale - breeding item - guarantees twins
Green scale - breeding item - gives a random mutation or item to the offspring
There are particular seasons during which Lanatees can breed, a thread will be started on the ponyisland forums during this time. In order for a pair of Lanatees to breed a scale is required for courtship. Any scale will suffice but some have extra effects on the offspring. Scales cannot currently be combined so only one scale per breeding. A list of the currently discovered scales and their effects is below.

Bred lanatees will produce an egg. The egg will hatch into a baby that shows muted versions of its adult colours. At this stage it is difficult to tell males from females and mutations have not yet manifested. After around 15 days your baby will grow into an adult and may be submitted for certing.
Mutations have a 50% chance of passing if only one parent has them and a 100% chance of passing if both parents possess them.

When breeding lanatees with different poses you have a 50% chance of each pose. This may however not apply if the baby inherited mutations that aren't templated on one of the poses.

Colours and patterns will be a combination of both parents.